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Better training is critical to reduce workplace injuries, survey finds

More than three in five frontline workers surveyed for a new report believe that some of the injuries sustained in their workplace could have been prevented had the injured person been given better training and work instructions.

Drawing on a YouGov survey of more than 2,000 frontline workers in Australia, the UK and the US, the results reveal that 64% of respondents believe that better training could have prevented at least a few of the injuries that they’d either experienced or witnessed.

Australian workers were more likely than their UK and US counterparts to say that the injuries were preventable with the correct training (77%, compared to 54% and 65%, respectively).

The survey also revealed how much of a priority safety is for these operatives, with 65% going as far as saying they would only go for a new job with equal or lower levels of risk and a similar salary.

The survey results indicate that there is a clear link between quality training and injury prevention, and ultimately a safer workforce. In fact, training tops frontline workers’ career progression needs, with an emphasis on ongoing training to ensure workers can up-skill.

However, SafetyCulture’s latest analysis reveals that senior management is falling short of its responsibilities. Only a quarter (25%) of respondents said they’ve had valuable training from their employer which helped them improve at their jobs over the past year or so. Nearly a fifth (18%) said they’ve never been offered any valuable training.

There is also a poor perception of senior management in terms of driving workplace improvements - Feedback from the Field.

Every employer has a duty to manage the health and safety of those they employ or those who may be affected by their undertakings. Ensure risks are assessed, and take action where it has been identified that control measures are needed.

If you require health and safety training, feel free to get in contact:

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