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What to expect when a health and safety inspector calls

Health and Safety Inspectors may arrive without warning; this isn’t unusual!

Inspectors have the right to enter any workplace without giving notice, though notice may be given where the inspector thinks it is appropriate

During the visit:

The inspector will look at how you keep your workers, and anyone who may be affected by your work, healthy and safe.

They may also give you advice on health and safety or make sure you are providing suitable welfare facilities, such as running hot and cold water and toilets.

While the inspector is with you, they may:

  • ask you about your workers and what they do

  • look at any possible health risks arising from the work you are doing

  • look at any machinery or other equipment that you have

  • ask to see records or other documents

  • take photographs

The inspector will want to know about:

  • the main health and safety issues in your workplace

  • your own knowledge or experience of health and safety

The inspector will need to talk to your employees or their representatives during the visit.

After the visit:

After the inspector has finished looking round your workplace, they might:

  • offer advice (either verbal or in writing)

  • give you a notification of contravention

  • give you an improvement notice

  • give you a prohibition notice

  • prosecute you for breaching health and safety laws.

Ensure that workers are provided the necessary information, instruction and training.

Not sure what you require? Why not get in contact, and have one of our trainers visit your site to complete a free Health and Safety Audit!

Contact us below for more information:

01782 438813

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