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Shipping Services company fined after worker loses finger

A company which provides shipping services, cargo handling and storage has been fined after a worker severed part of his finger while at work.

In early July 2021, the company took up the lease of a building at South Quay, Montrose, near to Montrose Harbour, to store and dry grain. Mr McMillan was tasked with cutting small pieces of wood known as ‘packers’, that needed to be replaced on the site.

Whilst using a piece of wood as a ‘push stick’ Mr McMillan’s gloved left hand came into contact with the rotating blade. Upon removing his glove Mr McMillan observed that the top of his left index finger had been almost completely severed. He later had to have part of his finger amputated.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that the table saw did not have a blade guard or a guiding fence, and that no push-stick had been provided. HSE issued a Notification of Contravention to the Company, outlining the material breaches identified during the investigation.

Rix Shipping (Scotland) Limited pleaded guilty to the contravention of The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998,

Regulations 11(1) and 11(2) and were subsequently fined £16,000 with a Victim Surcharge of £1200.

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