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Risk-reduction through design award

This award inspires employers to think about how changes to work can reduce the risks of harm to people. It is open to all UK employers and is sponsored by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) design award

All employers must try to remove or reduce the risk of MSDs where possible. Simple changes to the design of workplaces, tasks or activities can have a big impact.

Make a nomination for 2022/23

Any employer whether large or small and from any sector or industry can make a nomination.

If you are an employer in the UK, and you’ve used a design solution to reduce musculoskeletal risks, nominate your design change for the Risk-reduction through design award.

What to include in your nomination

Tell us in no more than two sides of A4 paper about how you as an employer have reduced the risk of MSDs for your workers.

We cannot accept nominations from consultants or marketing companies, only employers of the workers who benefit from the design changes.

Your nomination should include:

  • a description of the task or activity and workplace before you made the change

  • a description after you made the design change

  • clear before and after photos

  • a quote demonstrating what your workers think about the design change

Make sure you tell us:

  • if you designed the solution in-house. Or if someone else helped you, tell us who helped

  • what the impact of the design change is? How has MSD risk been reduced for your workers and how many workers are affected?

  • about any other advantages of the design change. For example, other health or safety benefits, productivity improvements or environmental benefits

  • how you involved your workers in the process

Do not include any contact details on this part of your nomination.

Send your nomination

Email your two sides of A4 to

In the email please include:

  • your name, email address and telephone number

  • the full name and address of your business

  • your company number if you know it

Closing date for nominations

Closing date for nominations is 31 January 2023

Announcement of the 2022/23 winners

A judging panel will consider shortlisted nominations to select an overall winner.

In previous years judges have also commended other nominations.

HSE will use the winning entry and some of the commended entries as case studies which we will share widely.

Winners will be announced at the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors awards event in June or July 2023.

Last years winner - Solvay Derbyshire

Loading of resin mixing bowls into a warming oven

Their entry was the loading of resin mixing bowls into a warming oven using a trolly and made a massive difference to the job.

The redesigned oven and trolley allowed bowls to be wheeled directly into the new oven, eliminating the need to lift the bowls and reducing the risks of spills and contact with the hot oven.

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