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International Stress Awareness Week 2022

This week marks International Stress Awareness Week (7th -11th November 2022).

It is a major annual event focusing on stress management and campaigning against the stigma associated with stress and mental health issues.

We often are looked at to support the well-being of your family and friends, but what about your own mental health?

The theme this year is Working Together to Build Resilience and Reduce Stress. Some of the key questions the organisers are seeking to answer are:

  • How we can all help people who face mental health challenges

  • How employers are responding to stress and mental health issues

  • How stress management professionals can help to alleviate stress

  • How workplace changes such as hybrid working are affecting wellbeing and levels of resilience

  • How those suffering with stress and mental health issues can access advice and support

What can you do for Stress Awareness Month?

  • Talk about Stress and it’s effects – lets work together to reduce the stigma that is associated with stress by talking about the topic openly and freely with friends, family and colleagues.

  • Share your coping mechanisms – if something has worked for you why not share it. It might benefit someone you care about and in the meantime, it might help you take your focus off your own challenges.

  • Be nice to those who are stressed and anxious – we are all undoubtedly going to experience stress and anxiety in our lifetime so treat others going through it with compassion and empathy.

  • Look after yourself – we all need to think more about self–care. Take time out of your day to relax or do something that you enjoy. Don’t forget to exercise and eat well, even when you feel too stressed.

The most crucial thing you can do when you are stressed or anxious is to make sure you are continuing to look after yourself. Make time to relax when you need to and learn to say no to requests that are too much for you.

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