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Icy Conditions and Winter Weather

During the Autumn and Winter seasons, slips and trip accidents increase.

This is often down to there being less daylight, leaves of the paths, which become wet and slippery, and spells of ice and snow.

Regardless of the size of your site, it is your responsibility that regularly used walkways are promptly tackled.

Here are some actions to take to reduce the risk of a slip or trip:


- Ask your staff if there is enough lighting around the workplace, both internally and externally


- Input a procedure for removing leaves at regular intervals.


- Ensure paved areas are fitted with material that is slip resistant when wet

- Discourage people from taking shortcuts over grass or dirt

- Fit canopies over building entrances to avoid slip accidents when entering a building, if this is not possible install large, absorbent mats or put down a non-slip floor

Ice, frost and snow

- Risk assess and put a system in place to manage the risk

- When freezing temperatures are forecast, take action with grit


- This should be carried out when frost, ice and / or snow is forecast

- The best times are early in the evening before frost settles and / or the early morning before employees / visitors arrive

For more information and help for managing slips and trips during the Autumn and Winter months, check out the link below:

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