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CITB pays out £5m more in grants this financial year

This year, CITB has paid out over £5m more in grants and supported nearly 700 more employers compared to the same period in 2021.

As we draw closer to the end of 2022, CITB data reveals that almost 12,500 businesses have been supported in the form of grants, with £54.6m paid out to date (Apr – Nov 2022), and more than half paid to small or micro businesses.

The CITB Grants Scheme provides grants for employers in the construction industry that deliver day-to-day training for their workforce. There are several areas whereby businesses can apply for grant, including apprenticeships, short courses, and qualifications. The scheme is just one of the many ways CITB helps employers to ensure their workforce is skilled and competent and ensures the industry has the right skills to grow.

New Plant standard and grants:

  • CITB has announced an update to planned changes to its plant standards and grants to standardise training and testing requirements across the construction industry.

  • The changes will start being introduced in Spring 2023.

  • The new standards will ensure safe, consistent and high-quality plant operations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Alongside the new standards, the grant rates for plant training and tests will also be changed and improved.

Are you up to date on your CITB Training? You Can Do It are offering even more CITB Training Courses in the New Year, including Temporary Works Coordinator Training Courses (TWTCT). Temporary Works Coordinator Training Courses are designed to assist those on site who have responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. Temporary works on both smaller and larger sites can be high risk. Therefore, understanding the essentials of good risk and safety management, as outlined in BS 5975:2019, is relevant for projects of all sizes. This course will give the delegate a thorough knowledge of the Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC) role.

Contact us for more information, or to book a course:

01782 438813

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