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Asbestos Management Consultancy Services

You Can Do It .Training are able to provide independent and impartial advice on all matters relating to the management of asbestos materials that may be present in the building(s) you are responsible for.

Are you aware that your legal obligation is to manage exposure to asbestos, and not to remove asbestos materials within a building purely because they exist?

Through no fault of their own a large number of clients have spent money unnecessarily, to remediate or remove asbestos materials following a lack of advice or the provision of inappropriate advice. Spending money removing materials that could be retained and appropriately managed, means that funds may not be available to allocate to materials that are a priority for removal, or even to other urgent areas of property maintenance.

Having no direct links to or affiliation with any other organisation within the industry means that the advice you receive from Paragon Environmental Safety Limited is completely impartial. This means that any advice along with any actions or solutions recommended are the right ones, which have been considered using an experienced and completely unbiased approach.

Our expertise also covers the following areas:

  • Auditing, review and GAP analysis of existing asbestos information including building registers and survey reports;

  • Auditing, review and GAP analysis on the adequacy of and compliance with policies and procedures and the asbestos management plan;

  • Develop, review and update the asbestos management plan;

  • Asbestos remediation or removal project specifications;

  • Assisting with the procurement of asbestos contractors;

  • Reviewing asbestos contractor RAMS;

  • Project management during asbestos remediation or removal projects;

  • Site audits of asbestos contractors to ensure compliance with legislation, guidance, risk assessments and method statements

Please contact us for further advice or information regarding your exact requirements.

Call us on 01782 438813 or email

Asbestos consultancy services undertaken throughout the United Kingdom and cities including Birmingham, Leeds, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Wolverhampton, as well as throughout surrounding counties including Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Yorkshire and into North and South Wales.

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