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NEBOSH Work Safely

We here at You Can Do It .Training are working in conjunction with Purple Cow Training (Centre No.866) to offer you the Gold Standard in Health & Safety training in the NEBOSH General Certification in Occupational Health & Safety.

We deliver these cost effective NEBOSH courses in Stoke on Trent or nationally.

The NEBOSH General Certificate course is the most widely recognised health and safety qualification of its kind, designed for managers and staff who need knowledge and skills in health and safety management.

Awarded by The National Educational Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH), it is a level 3 equivalent qualification designed to develop your health and safety knowledge and skills and give you a highly respected and practical qualification covering:

  • Management of workplace health and safety

  • Controlling common workplace hazards

  • Managing and minimising workplace risks (including carrying out risk assessments)

  • Prevention of accidents and injury

  • NEBOSH General for Individuals

  • The NEBOSH Certificate course is designed for managers, supervisors and any person with health and safety management responsibilities

  • This NEBOSH Certificate is the perfect first step toward a successful health and safety career, it’ll put you on track for further professional study, such as the NEBOSH National Diploma.

  • NEBOSH General for Employers

  • Perfect for any organisation that needs to ensure they have in-company health and safety expertise

  • For organisations that need to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety, by developing a knowledgeable, skilful workforce and a safe workplace

  • A sound investment for any business that wants to develop a sustainable health and safety culture, resulting in fewer workplace injuries and illnesses, and boosted employee well-being

  • Suitable For

    Managers, supervisors and employee representatives and is ideal for anyone who wishes to establish a career in Health and Safety.

    Aims & Objectives

    To improve knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety management, and equip to manage their organisational Health and Safety issues in a more proactive and practical way.

    Course Content

    Unit NG1 – Management of Health & Safety

    • Element 1: Foundations in Health & Safety

    • Element 2: Health & Safety Management Systems – Plan

    • Element 3: Health & Safety Management Systems – Do

    • Element 4: Health & Safety Management Systems – Check

    • Element 5: Health & Safety Management Systems – Act

    Unit NG2 – Control of Workplace Hazards

    • Element 1: Workplace Hazards and Risk Control

    • Element 2: Transport Hazards and Risk Control

    • Element 3: Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control

    • Element 4: Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control

    • Element 5: Electrical Safety

    • Element 6: Fire Safety

    • Element 7: Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk Control

    • Element 8: Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Control

    Unit 3 – Health & Safety Open Book Exam

    Individual Learning outcomes include:

    • Understanding how to manage workplace health and safety effectively

    • Identification and control of common workplace hazards

    • Utilising methods to measure success

    • Awareness of the UK’s key legal requirements for health and safety

    • Skills to carry out accurate and detailed risk assessments

    • Ability to manage and minimise workplace risk

    • Aptitude in the development and implementation of detailed action plans

    • Knowledge, skills and tools to develop your organisation’s health and safety culture

    Organisational Impact and Outcomes

    • Reducing workplace injuries and work-related illnesses

    • Signalling your organisation’s commitment to creating a safer workplace

    • Improving your organisational reputation and securing more business

    • Creating a better working environment, leading to increased motivation and performance

    • Acquiring in-house expertise, meaning a more proactive approach to safety and occupational health and safety

    This course is provided through Purple Cow Training Ltd. (Centre No.866) with the qualified trainer, being NEBOSH accredited to conduct the course, from You Can Do It .Training.

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