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IPAF 3a y 3b

If you are looking to book an IPAF course please press book now and you can scroll through the calendar for further dates.  Alternatively, call us on 01782 438813 or email

YCDI offer IPAF 3a & 3b training here in Stoke on Trent or we will work with your business and have on site training; we only work with IPAF qualified instructors.

IPAF 3a & 3b Course Content

  • Awareness of different types of MEWPs

  • Safe operation of MEWPs and limitations of use

  • Pre-use checks, inspection and function tests

  • Planning the route before operating the MEWP

  • Travelling the route and manoeuvring the MEWP

  • Setting up the MEWP for work

  • Basic operational practice

  • Achievement testing

  • Selection and use of fall arrest equipment

  • Log book issue

  • Course review and close

By the end of the course, the delegate will:

  • Be fully aware of the relevant Health & Safety regulations and accident prevention and control

  • Be fully aware of the needs regarding personal protection equipment

  • Be able to manoeuvre the machine as required and drive the machine proficiently and safely

  • Be able to correctly position and carry out the required tasks in a correct and proper manner

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    197 British pounds
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