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Drug Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace Testing

YCDI D&A Testing Services provides drug and alcohol testing for various safety-critical workplace industries. To ensure reliable results, our drug and alcohol screening procedure is coherent with strict chain of procedures to ensure sample integrity and traceability from point of collection to result reporting.

The 7 panel saliva drug test just requires the person being tested to put the test under their tongue for ~3 mins. Not only is this the easiest and most accurate drug test to use. It is also, as best we know, the only oral drug test that is specifically produced for the UK market and covers the 7 main street drugs found in the UK. The following substances can be detected with the 7 panel saliva drug test: COC/AMP/OPI/THC/BZO/MTD/MET/ALC

Below outlines the process of testing for those in the safety-critical industries.

1. Initial Consultation with YCDI D&A Testing Services

Our workplace drug and alcohol screening procedure begins with a free consultation with one of our experienced business specialists. During the consultation, we will discuss your testing requirements and put together a package tailored to meet the needs of your business.

2. Create a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

As an employer wishing to implement drug and alcohol testing in the workplace you are required to have a substance abuse policy. Our professional policy review service is available to help you create or modify a new or existing workplace drug and alcohol testing policy.

Providing you with the correct tools and information, we ensure you have an effective policy in place to allow you the right, as an employer, to carry out employee testing. We also ensure the rights of the employee are protected by ensuring a policy which is clear and concise. During this process, we will discuss the types of workplace testing you wish to carry out to ensure your policy suits your business needs.

3. Implement Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

We provide comprehensive training and education to help you to communicate the new policy to your employees and management staff. We also provide extra training services to educate your management team on the significance of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace.

4. Sample Collection

After gaining informed consent from employees, our network of trained and experienced sample collection officers collect samples at a time and location that suits. Alternatively, we offer training and education to allow your own staff to collect samples from employees.

Throughout sample collection, sample integrity is maintained following strict chain of procedure criteria. Unique identification numbers are assigned to employees to ensure employee names or department information is not known, the end report, will all relevant details, will be sent to the companies designated colleague.

5. Sample Analysis

All analysis is completed on site and the results report will be issued 24-48 Hours post test.

Upon analysis of employee samples, required actions will differ depending on the result:


i. Employee is cleared of having drugs or alcohol in their system

ii) Presumptive Positive (Non-Negative)

 Indicates presence of a particular substance. Further analysis may be required.

iii) Confirmatory Testing

Carried out on presumptive positive samples to confirm drug testing outcome



If a positive result is received after confirmatory testing, a report will be written stating which drugs were present.

Drugs Tested for:

AMP Amphetamines, Testing Time (10 Minutes to 72 Hours)

BZO Benzodiazepine Testing Time (10 Minutes to 24 Hours)

COC Cocaine, Testing Time (10 Minutes to 24 Hours)

THC Marijuana, Testing Time (30 Minutes to 14 Hours)

MET Methamphetamines, Testing Time (10 Minutes to 72 Hours)

MTD Methadone, Testing Time (up to 24 Hours)

OPI Opiates, Testing Time (1 Hour to several days)

ALC Alcohol, Testing Time (1 minute to 24 Hours)

How do drugs get into the saliva?

The salivary glands are only separated from the surrounding blood vessels by a thin skin. Active ingredients such as drugs and medicines penetrate this membrane and pass from the blood into the saliva. For this reason, test results in blood and saliva are very similar. This is why the saliva 7 panel drug test is very effective.

What are the differences between the 7 drug saliva test and urine tests?

The saliva test is, in contrast to the blood test, non-invasive and therefore easy to perform everywhere. The results are almost identical to the results of blood analyses as the transition from blood to saliva is very successful. Although THC enters the saliva to a lesser extent, as THC accumulates in the oral cavity during smoking, so it also provides reliable evidence.

What advantages does the 7 drug saliva test offer in contrast to a urine test?

The saliva drug tests are a very effective, efficient and reliable method of detecting drugs due to their high level of agreement with the confirmation analysis in the blood. In contrast to urine tests, a manipulation of saliva samples is almost impossible because the test can be monitored at any time without harming the privacy of the test person.

What are the guidelines for testing in the Workplace?

Our testing fully complies with the European Workplace Drug Testing Society Guidelines (EWDTS) which can be found here:

If you need any further information about Drug & Alcohol testing please call one of the team on

01782 438813 or email

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