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Lifting Equipment Inspection and Record Keeping



The course is designed to provide:-

  • More advanced training for those responsible for the detailed periodic inspections of lifting equipment.

  • The trainees will set up a recording system for the equipment and carry out periodic inspections throughout the life of a number of items of equipment.

  • The course will also demonstrate some strengths and weaknesses of materials by way of destruction tests.

  • This course is designed to provide greater detail on the inspection of lifting equipment & accessories.

  • This course provides the knowledge to allow delegates to plan and conduct lifting operations and formally inspect their equipment.

  • This course provides that statutory requirements for inspection, rejection, disposal and reporting procedures for lifting equipment

  • Delegates must be 18 years or over

  • Chain Slings

  • Web Slings

  • Round Slings

  • Wire Rope

  • Master Links, Connections & Hooks

  • Shackles

  • Beam Clamps

  • Eyebolts


In addition to the theory elements of Safe Lifting Module 1 the following topics will be emphasised.

  • The importance of trace-ability for all lifting equipment.

  • Completing inspection records.

  • Inspecting equipment and recording the findings.

  • Monitoring the continual degradation of items of equipment and assessing the point at which to withdraw items from service.

  • Processes for quarantining equipment.

  • Processes for investigating the effects of contaminants and the details required for returning to service.


Legislation governing the inspection of lifting equipment.

  • The requirements and production of an inspection report.

  • Standards and ratings of lifting equipment

  • Maintenance of lifting accessories

  • Conducting formal examinations under LOLER on common lifting accessories (slings, shackles, chain slings, wire rope slings, beam clamps, eyebolts, hooks)

  • Common faults with equipment

  • Follow up procedures after an examination


On successful completion candidates will receive a certificate valid for three years. 

Additional Information

Further information on our training facilities, first aid provision, insurance etc are available upon request.  Pease amil or call 01782 438813

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