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Gotcha Rescue Training

Grundlegende Schulung zur Verwendung des originalen Gotcha- und Gotcha 2-Rescue-Kits und seiner verschiedenen Verwendungsarten.

Dieser Kurs soll unseren Kunden alle notwendigen Fähigkeiten vermitteln, um in möglicherweise stressigen Situationen sicher und effizient zu agieren.

Nach Abschluss der Schulung sind die Mitarbeiter in der Lage, das Set an unterschiedlichen Orten einzusetzen und einen Verletzten zu retten, der von einer Plattform gefallen ist.

Sie sind außerdem in der Lage, Verletzte zu bergen, die an einem Absturzsicherungsmittel, einem Drahtseil-Absturzsicherungsblock oder einem Absturzsicherungssystem mit flexibler Leine hängen.

MORNING SESSION - Safety Harness Theory Training

Our theory foundation module including pre-use inspection.

On successful completion of morning session, delegates can progress on to the practical elements of training.

AFTERNOON SESSION - Gotcha Kit Rescue 


This course is designed to make operatives fully conversant in the operation of the Gotcha Rescue Kit and it’s various modes of use.

  • The course will enable operatives to use the rescue kit in a variety of locations and to rescue a casualty who has fallen from a platform.

  • The kit is capable of recovering casualties who are suspended from fall arrest lanyards, wire rope fall arrest blocks, or flexible line fall arresters.

  • This module is intended for operatives who are already conversant in the use of their personal fall protection equipment.

  • During training delegates will be expected to carry out activities at height. This will provide an insight into the delegates’ ability to operate in such conditions. This is only an indication of their capability, as it is not possible to recreate exact working environments.

  • The actual height and exposure will be set out on the certification, but this is only to show what was included in the training. The height shown on the certification is not intended to limit the height at which the delegate can operate.

  • Full Body Harnesses

  • Single and Double Fall Arrest Lanyards

  • Fall Arrest Blocks / Retractable Type Fall Arrest Device

  • Guided Type Fall Arrester

  • Gotcha Suspension Loop

  • Gotcha Rescue Kit

  • Grabba – additional rescue attachment

  • Understand the implications of being suspended in a harness and the importance of rescue provision when working at height.

  • Have a basic understanding of the different approaches to rescue and how the rescue kit fits into a hierarchy of options, e.g. improvised planned and emergency services.

  • Understanding the importance of personal safety whilst carrying out rescue.

  • Post rescue care and handover to a first aider or the emergency services.

  • Identification of the key components for the rescue kit and their strengths and limitations.

  • The ability to assess the situation and select the appropriate recovery technique, i.e. anchor point selection and suitable points of safety harness attachment.

  • Correctly fitting and adjustment of a fall arrest harness.

  • Correct use of double and/or single fall arrest lanyards for personal safety whilst traversing and rescuing.

  • The importance of casualty management and the application of temporary aids.

  • Remote deployment of the rescue kit from a position of safety and attachment to an unconscious casualty.

  • Use of the rescue kit to raise and lower an unconscious suspended casualty.

  • Correct use of the equipment to gain a mechanical advantage when lifting the casualty.


On successful completion of course certificate will be issued which is valid for 3 years.

If you need further information about this course please email or call 01782 433813

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