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Would you know how to protect your business if a crisis hit?

You Can Do It .Training has partnered with leading Marketing & PR company Parker Piredda to offer a tailored Crisis Management course for your business.

If you found yourself in the headlines or trending on socials for the wrong reasons, would you know how to try and save your reputation?

If a TV crew turned up on your business, or there are journalists calling you for interviews, would you know what to say and how to say it?

If the answer’s no, this bespoke Crisis Communications course will help you and your business.

Receive insights into what steps you can take to protect your reputation, how to get your messages across and how to manage the media in the process – should the worst happen.

And don’t forget the cost of preparing for a crisis – is far less than trying to recover from one. Can you place a cost on loss of reputation?

Parker Piredda has delivered a series of Crisis Communications training courses for the Wrekin Housing Group in Telford.


This is their feedback.

Protecting your reputation if a crisis hits is difficult, particularly in a digital world.

Whether it’s a social media gaffe that goes viral, a factory that floods, staff malpractice or the worst of the worst we’ll help you prepare for every eventuality, ensuring you know what to do to protect your reputation and ultimately your business.


This crisis communications course will teach you how to manage your messages and the media, should the worst happen.


Based on tangible emergency scenarios that could affect your business/organisation, the course covers:

  • If a TV crew turned up at your business

  • Tricks of the trade on what to do

  • What and what not to say

  • How to handle the situation

  • Understand how crisis communications works and how to manage it

  • Learn how to manage social media in a crisis

  • Learn how to draft media statements

  • Practical experience of carrying out live and pre-recorded radio and TV style interviews


Would you like a chat about the Crisis Management course?

Need to know a little more about what is covered and how it can be tailored to your business?

Call You Can Do It .Training on 01782 438813, complete the contact box below or email

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